Changelog Updates vLoc3-Series

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Here you will find the version changelog of our software updates for the vLoc3-Series in chronological order. The updates are free of charge for device owners and are installed via the MyLocator3 desktop software. We are very grateful for all requests and customisation needs. Every input helps us to progress together. Our development department modifies the systems accordingly so it satisfies all demands.

vLoc3-Series Update v1.34

  • Ensure Bluetooth Pairing and Bluetooth Auto Connect menus are displayed simultaneously
  • Improved speed of locate response in A frame screens
  • Ability to configure locator to start at new survey prompt screen at power on, requires MyLocator3 v1.16 or later configuration change
  • Prevent logging bargraph percentages >100%
  • Fix issue with invalid marker lift depth measurements
  • Improved visibility status bar GPS icons
  • Revised Marker lift depth screen to show spinner when making marker measurements
  • Simultaneously reset SD phase on locate antennas and stethoscope
  • Behaviour of long ‘mode‘ key from the Locate screen is now configurable, allowing faster access to multiple locate perspectives by providing a new selection screen, requires MyLocator3 v1.16 or later configuration change

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